Agreement In Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is one of the following international agreements: in the implementation of cooperation under this agreement, the parties will be guided by the fundamental provisions of the current legal document, namely: the agreement between the governments of the two countries on scientific, educational and cultural links, as well as other long-term documents defining the legal basis for the relations between RUSSIA and TURKEY. Procedures for exchange visits are implemented in accordance with the agreed cooperation work programme. The quota of specialists participating in the exchange is set by the cooperation work programme. Additional agreements can be concluded on the basis of separate agreements. Cooperation will be based on the following guidelines: b) the exchange of information, teaching materials and other technological and scientific literature. The cooperation will focus first on the following scientific and technical fields: . The Technische Hoscschule Darmstadt, Darmstadt Deutschland and the Technical University and the Middle East, Ankara Turkey (hereafter referred to as universities) with regard to their own traditions in applied sciences and engineering, and in the order of their particular organization and social responsibility, have signed this protocol to mobilize their resources and institutions of perspective for the exchange of university staff and students , for cooperation in the field of research and other scientific, literary and extracurricular activities in the field of sport and culture. Within the framework of this protocol, the areas of cooperation have been established as follows: The basic guidelines for cooperative relations may include: . -Exchange of students at different levels and in different fields. All other points that describe cooperation between universities are defined and added to this protocol, if any. .

By signing this memorandum, none of the universities undertakes to fund exchange and cooperation activities on their own resources, unless special resources are made available for this purpose. Both parties will find national and international funding opportunities for the proposed activities at best. (e) exchange visits by faculty members of both institutions. This protocol will come into force after being signed by university presidents. . – exchange of periodic and scientific literature between the two universities; (c) cooperation in scientific and technological research and teaching. – provide opportunities to conduct scientific work to improve staff qualifications; The agreement is written in two (four) copies in English, each with the same force of law. . (d) the organization of joint bilateral symposia, workshops and conferences. For both institutions, it has been advantageous for both parties to launch cooperation activities in areas of common interest for the following purposes: f) implementation of common and integrated programmes for higher education graduates.