Common App Early Decision Agreement 2019

Some students (and perhaps their parents) may believe that college demand will increase their chances of starting early. Sometimes that`s the case, but not always. U.S. universities are different in the proportion of early applicants who receive them. In your textbook and at university planning events, make it clear that your policy of requesting an early decision is to send the final transcript of the student to a single university: everything else is unethical. But it`s not always the right choice. As we will discuss, sometimes a notice period for a university can really limit a student`s chances or lead him to put all the eggs in a basket (very risky). Early decisions (ED) and early action plans (EA) can be beneficial for students – but only for those who have thought carefully about their academic options and have a clear preference for an institution. For students who have done extensive research and/or settled at their first university of choice, there are obvious advantages to applying at an early stage. This includes: But if there is an inch of doubt, or if a student is taking this course because of pressure from his parents or colleagues, an early application is probably not the right way to go. Print out the timing of early decisions and early actions and communicate with students and parents to ensure they know all the steps they need for an early application. Encourage students who wish to apply at an early stage to complete the NACAC self-assessment questionnaire by deciding to make early decisions and take early action. You can also share this with your parents.

Decision pressure: The commitment to a university puts pressure on students to make serious decisions before they have explored all their possibilities. When you think about it, early decisioning is not only an early academic decision, it is also a financial decision. If ED students are offered a scholarship or some kind of financial support, it is the only financial aid package on the table. Reduced funding opportunities: Students applying under ED plans receive both admission offers and financial support and therefore cannot compare financial assistance offers from other higher education institutions. For students who absolutely need financial assistance, an early application can be a risky option.