Shareholders Agreement For Holding Company

(b) price and insurance discounts. In the case of an offer signed in an application registration, the price, insurance discount and other financial conditions for each category of registered securities in the corresponding insurance agreement are determined by the holders of a majority of that registerable securities class whose shares are included (including any investor in demand containing registerable securities). In the case of an offer signed in a secondary registration, these awards, discounts and other conditions are set by the Company, subject to the right of the holders to withdraw their application to participate in registration in accordance with Section 2.2 (iv) after being informed of the price, discount and other conditions. 2.6. No inconsistent agreements; Additional rights. The entity will not enter into an agreement and is not currently a party to an agreement that is or may be inconsistent with the rights granted to securities holders eligible by this agreement. The Company has not granted and must not grant more favourable registration rights to another holder of the company`s securities made available to the parties to this agreement. (a) Termination of all investors. This agreement expires for all investors on the earlier date (i) of the date of a qualified public offering; (ii) the date on which investors have at least 80% (80%) common shares that depend on this agreement transfer these common shares to a third party that is not subject to this agreement or transfer those common shares to a third party through a merger or other combination transaction; and (iii) bankruptcy or dissolution of the company; However, provided that, in the event of the conclusion of this agreement as a result of a qualified public offer, the following provisions are maintained for an indeterminate period: Article III, Section 5.1 (with respect to all possibilities offered before the date of denunciation), section 5.2, section 5.7 c ) (for a period of one year from the date of this denunciation) , Section 6.1 and Article VII; and if this contract ends, when a single shareholder becomes the owner of all the shares or the company is competitive or dissolved, the following provisions remain unlimited: this section 6.1 and Article VII, and provided that no such termination releases any part of any liability or damage to another party resulting from an intentional and material violation of this agreement.