Trial Period Distribution Agreement

Distribution agreements, like other commercial relationships, should not be unlimited. They should be able to continue to exist as long as both parties have an agreement and the agreement complies with applicable legislation, but also allow the parties to terminate the agreement if it no longer serves its commercial purpose. A fully thought-out trade agreement should expect it to be terminated at some point. [2] See the article entitled “Status of Commercial Agents: Contract Trial Period and Termination Allowance” of August 2015: The approach adopted by the Court of Cassation must be seen in the light of a similar position with regard to agency agreements. In a decision of 23 June 2015, the Court of Cassation recalled that the status of commercial agent whose application requires the final conclusion of the agency agreement between the parties does not object to the duration of the notice and that the commercial agent is not entitled to statutory termination compensation if the agency contract is terminated before the expiry of this trial period. Any party (as the “receiving party” below) may not disclose confidential information of the other party (as a “disclosure party” to third parties) that is made available to that receiving party or in connection with the performance of this agreement or agreement after the trial. In order to avoid any doubt, this includes confidential information provided to the party receiving before the effective date of this agreement. The term “confidential information” refers to all financial, technical, commercial or other information relating to transactions and business from the party to publication, including, but without limitation, information on costs or prices, contractual terms, marketing or distribution data, business methods or plans. When confidential information (a) is provided in concrete or written form (for example. B, paper, support or e-mail), they are similar as “confidential” (or with another similar caption) or b) orally, identified as confidential at the time of disclosure and confirmed in writing within thirty (30) days of disclosure, unless a sensible person understands that such information is confidential because of its content.

Regardless of the above, zuoradential Information includes Zuora technology and all the price conditions offered to the customer in a purchase order, and confidential customer information must contain customer data. Confidential information does not contain information that is (i) available to the public, except as a result of disclosure by the recipient party( (ii) of a non-confidential party, prior to disclosure by the other party or as part of the performance by that party of its obligations under this agreement, or (iii) is legally available to a party on a non-confidential basis by an independent third party.