Vucic Agreement Washington

“In this regard, the recently adopted documents in Washington, D.C, which build on previous dialogue commitments by both sides, could make a useful contribution to a comprehensive and legally binding agreement on the normalization of relations,” a joint statement said. Given the negligence with which the Washington agreements were developed, it can be expected that there will be no substantial follow-up from Washington before the election. And if Joe Biden were to become president, Vucic could get caught. A Biden administration can be expected to be more thorough and strategic when it comes to getting Huawei out of the EU and coordinating more effectively with America`s European allies to achieve this. Finally, perhaps the worst clause of the agreement for Serbia – which the Trump administration considers the most important diplomatic achievement of the Washington meeting – concerns Pristina`s commitment to freeze the accession process of international organizations for one year and Belgrade`s commitment to freeze the fight for the withdrawal of recognition from Kosovo. During the year, Serbia will not conduct a campaign to withdraw recognition of Kosovo. The Executive Director of the Belgrade BFPE, Marko Savkovic, told the EWB earlier that the question of whether this agreement was really an international agreement to enable commitments to be made was still under discussion. Milan Krstié, an assistant professor at Belgrade`s Faculty of Political Science, said that Belgrade and Pristina had not signed a bilateral agreement with the United States either in Washington, as Serbian government officials claim, or together, as suggested by Richard Grenell. While Trump said the agreement signed Friday in the Oval Office was “a very important step that requires tremendous courage on the part of the two great leaders, Vuié and Hoti,” U.S. National Security Adviser Robert O`Brien said a “very important agreement on economic relations” had been signed. Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dasai said on Saturday (September 5th) that the agreement signed in Washington was part of U.S.

foreign and domestic policy. The agreements also contain provisions in which Serbia and Kosovo refer to Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and support the decriminalization of homosexuality worldwide. [11] The president of the opposition party for freedom and justice, Dragan Ilas said on Sunday that the agreement to move the Serbian embassy to Jerusalem “is not only that Vuié abandons the common position of all the countries of the world, except the United States and Guatemala, but that it also violates a UN Security Council resolution that targets Islamic terrorists in Serbia and turns its back on Europe for who knows who knows the takes in time.” Third, the United States is trying to increase Israel`s influence in Serbia and Kosovo. It was Israel that benefited the most from this treaty. In accordance with the agreement, Serbia agreed to move its Israeli embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in July 2021 and Israel and Kosovo agreed to recognize each other and establish diplomatic relations. Kosovo also announced that it would move its embassy to Jerusalem.